This sofa is made entirely from concrete! It's surprisingly comfortable and so detailed it looks just like the leather it was moulded from. It can be left outside all year round, sun, rain or snow. Even though it is a two seat sofa it can comfortably seat three people.

This isn't leather. Honest! It's all concrete!


The finish of the concrete is so fine it takes on the texture from the mould and looks almost identical to leather.

You'll be able to tell that it's made from concrete when you sit down expecting it to be soft! 

There will be lines from the mould around the back and sides, there will also be some small air holes on the surface and it may have fine cracks in places. This is normal for concrete and in no way affects the strength of the final piece.


Welded from a choice of steels. There are two options for the stand.


Concrete Sofa Stand 1.png


Non-Standard. This stand is for use on soft ground such as grass. It also allows the sofa to be securely attached to a hard surface in case theft is a concern.

Concrete Sofa Stand 2.png


Choose from our wide range of standard colours or request a custom colour.


It's provided sealed but might need a wash once a year before summer if it's kept outside. There are holes drilled in the lowest points so that most water will drain out. These might needed cleared every so often.

The concrete mixture used is so dense it is safe to keep outside all year round, even in harsh winters! 


The standard sofa is £3000.

Custom colours are an extra £150. Please see the colours page for more details.

The Non-Standard stand is an extra £100.


Height (including stand) 80CM (31.5 Inches)

Width 161CM (63.4 Inches)

Depth 81CM(31.8 Inches)

The sofa is not just a solid lump of concrete! It's hollow and comes in at around 100 - 130kg (220 - 286lbs) depending on how wild I go with the concrete on a particular day. We use a combination of different glass fibres to keep it strong and light. It's fairly manageable if it needs moved so it doesn't need to be a permanent installation.

To be safe it's a four person lift but it could be managed by two strong people if needs be.

shipping and delivery times

Plan for an order to be ready for shipping about six weeks from the order date. Shipping times and rates will vary from country to country. The sofa is shipped on a pallet so rates can be quite reasonable. We will always keep you up to date on your order status.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!