Making signs is one of my favorite things to do. They add value to your business. Having something different that really sets you apart from the competition will attract customers and get them talking.

As we use a different medium to traditional signage we can do things that other companies can't. Size is no limit.

Plain with Etched Design

Concrete can be etched with any simple form, we can even create a kind of 'concrete wallpaper' with a design. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways of creating a sign for your business.

Set-in text

The text used here is slightly depressed into the concrete.  This is a simple technique and combined with other techniques could form the basis of a larger and more prominent sign.

The text in these pictures is set in even further for a more prominent effect.

A splash of colour

Tiles can be created with different colours in the design. The simpler the design the better the effect.

For something very eye catching, lighting can be added to the concrete through Fibre Optics or LEDs. We can even work with screens being set behind the concrete for advertising and interactive displays.