Polished concrete Worktop/Countertop

A domestic worktop, polished concrete, wax finish, 15mm thick with a thicker built-up front edge.

These pictures were taken about 6 months after it was fitted.

Gray Concrete Worktop in small kitchen

As with every material there are good points and bad points, everything is a compromise. Concrete stains easily and there is no perfect sealer to protect it. It builds up patenia depending on how you use it. I like to think that it grows with you, others might hate it because it's not spotless. The depth and texture you can get from polished concrete outweighs the negatives for me.

Gray concrete worktop
Concrete worktop with Exposed Brick Wall
Concrete kitchen worktop with cooker
Concrete Worktop with reflection

The finish isn't very glossy at all but does pick up some reflections which is nice.

Join between concrete worktop sections

The texture you can get with concrete is quite amazing

Concrete Floor tiles with concrete worktop

Concrete tiles were also fitted on the floor. These are performing amazingly well.

Plain corner of concrete worktop
Concrete worktop

It's very difficult to get a good picture of the whole thing as it's a small room. Happy!